PPC advertising, also known as pay-per-click, can be a powerful tool for mortgage lenders to reach their target audience using Google, Facebook, and other search engine platforms. It offers a great opportunity to experiment with different advertising strategies and determine which ones work best for potential clients.

The main objective of PPC advertising for mortgage lenders is to connect with people who are searching for lenders or information about mortgages online. The marketer must provide this audience with information on the lender’s unique value proposition and general details about loan types. This allows prospective clients to easily compare their options and make informed decisions.

To improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of your PPC campaign and generate quality leads in the mortgage lending industry, consider the following five tips:

Make User-Friendly Forms

The lead intake form is a crucial component of the marketing process for mortgage lenders. A form that is difficult to use or unclear can hinder lead generation and dissuade potential clients from contacting you. Moreover, it is essential to design a form that asks the appropriate questions to enable lenders to respond accurately to the lead. Ideally, follow-up should occur within 24 hours of a lead form submission to avoid losing potential prospects.

Create A Landing Page For Every Offer

PPC advertising relies on landing pages to offer prospective leads further information about the topic they’re researching. Those in search of mortgage loans tend to consider various loan types, which underscores the importance of designing landing pages that offer a comprehensive overview of your loan programs. Landing pages should feature crucial elements like loan terms, rates, and the optimal audience for each loan type.

Add Trust Symbols To Your Landing Pages

Purchasing a house is a significant event that warrants extensive research by potential leads. Before making a final decision, they are likely to explore various lenders. To instill confidence in your website visitors, it’s crucial to include trust symbols. These symbols could comprise:

  • Feedback from past clients
  • Cumulative lending amount to date
  • Details regarding your lenders and their specialized areas
  • Recognition through awards and business honors

Use Dynamic Insertion For Locations

Individuals in search of a new home frequently seek out lenders located in their vicinity. By utilizing dynamic keyword insertion within your ad copy, you can target your audience’s preferred locations, which can result in a higher click-through rate on search engine results pages.

Add More Ad Extensions

In the highly competitive world of mortgage lending, PPC advertising is a key tactic employed by many lenders. To stand out on the search engine results page, consider adding site links, call extensions, and images to your ads. Conduct research on your competitors to identify how you can uniquely highlight your top services. Effective management of campaigns and adherence to best practices can help capture your audience’s attention, provide valuable information, and foster trust with potential clients.

If you’re seeking to improve your PPC campaign and attract more leads, Boomerang can assist you with an account audit or by hiring an experienced PPC Analyst to manage your account. With a track record of success working with countless businesses, Boomerang can help you maximize your return on PPC advertising. Schedule a free discovery meeting today to discover how we can help your business thrive.